Double and quadruple cabins in Seljord

Hovstø Hytter og Rom has 11 cabins available for rent, 9 double and 2 quadruple ones.


They are fitted with all necessary equipment including a fridge with a freezer, a portable stove and basic kitchen utensils that allow our guest to prepare meals. Some wooden lodges are also equipped with microwaves.


There is an electric heating system in each cottage which keeps a desired temperature in a hut throughout the day.


A wooden porch is a pleasant place to sit and relax. Take a chance to admire incredible natural beauty of Seljord while sipping coffee or reading a book .


Free WIFI, parking and laundry area

We provide our visitors with a designated parking space and WIFI free of charge.


There is a laundry area with a washing machine and tumble-dryer at our guests’ disposal.


The bathrooms with showers and toilets are located within a short distance from the cabins and available 24/7.


There is a bus station in close proximity to the venue with the routes to the Sandefjord Airport Torp, Oslo and many other destinations.


Cosy and comfortable cabins

Hovstø Hytter og Rom is a great place to stay for the whole families, friends or lone travellers.

The calming sound of a stream nearby flowing down the mountains is relaxing and quietening.

There are two newly built terraces with barbecue facilities overlooking breath-taking mountains and forests.

We attach great importance to comfort of our guests.



You can get more information about Hovstø Hytter og Rom, book a room or cabin, change or cancel a reservation.


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A quadruple wooden cabin with a front porch
A four person cabin with a TV-set, microwave, kitchen utencils
A quadruple cabin with a designated siiting area, a coach and a table
A four person cabin front view
A designated dining area with a table, a fridge and kitchen utencils
A sleeping area with bunk beds and mattresses
A double cabin front view
A double cabin with microwave oven, electric kettle, fridge
A twin beds with mattresses inside a cabin