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Fiat Solifer Action A723 is a perfect combination of a comfortable family camper van with a powerful engine and  sporty look.


The Solifier Action is a 6-berth motor home with 5 travelling seats. The layout consists of twin single beds to the rear, mounted above a large garage, an over-cab bed, and a lounge area that converts into a small double or large single bed.


Fiat Solifer Action A723

The motor home comprises the sleeping, dining and living area .


There is a bathroom with a toilet and a sink, a tiny cooking space with two gas burners and a sink.


Ex. Length / width / height (cm) 723/233/310

Internal height (cm) 195

Weight approximately (kg) 2905

Total weight (kg)  3495/3850

Number of seats / beds 4/6


Total weight may come up to 3850 kg.


Modern and reliable camper van

The gallery shows genuine pictures of the motor home for rent.

There is a spacious dining / living lounge just behind the driver's cabin with comfortable seats and tables.

At the back of the camper there are two beds, a bathroom and kitchen area.

The Fiat Solifer Action is a comprehensive family mobile home.
The front part of the motor home Fiat Solifer A723
The left side of the motor home Fiat Solifer A723 with an entrance
The right side of the motor home Fiat Solifer A723 driver's seats
The top view of the motor home Fiat Solifer A723
The front seats of the camper Fiat Solifer A723
The dining part of Fiat Solifer A723 with tables
The sleeping area of Fiat Solifer A723
The sitting area of mobile home
The bathrooom in a motor home



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