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There are 8 rooms available to book in our hotel that provide accommodation for our guests. 


We can offer 7 double rooms and 1 family room.  A double room can accommodate 2 persons and a family one up to 4 people.


All rooms are bright and spacious with wooden flooring overlooking a quiet stream or picturesque mountains. 


There are two terraces in front of the main building where guest can rest and enjoy a beautiful scenery.


Hovstø Hytter og Rom is a peaceful place with amazing views and friendly staff.



Wi-Fi, parking free of charge

There is a free parking and Wi-Fi on the premises.


We have a stable wireless Internet connection that enables to work remotely, surf the net or watch streaming services like YouTube, HBO or Netflix.


There is a designated laundry room with a washing machine and tumble-dryer for the convenience of our guests.


The bathroom area is shared and located in the main corridor. It comprises two showers, two toilets and a washing-up place.


The bus station is situated within a walking distance to our hotel offering routes to the Sandefjord Airport Torp, Oslo and many other destinations.


Hovstø Hytter og Rom is a great place to stay for the whole families, friends or lone travellers.

Regardless of age or origin, a quiet location and beautiful views makes Hovstø a destination for people from all over the world.

There is an amazing view on the stream out of the windows.

Two wooden terraces in front provide barbecue facilities for our guests and are the perfect place for socialising, sunbathing or resting.

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A family room with a sofa
A family room with a TV-set and dining table
A family room with a queen bed
A standard double room
A standard double room
A double room with wardrobe and washroom
A view of the corridor
 A small kitchen with a fridge, electric oven, kettle and microwave
A bathroom with toilets and showers



You can get more information about Hovstø Hytter og Rom, book a room or cabin, change or cancel a reservation.


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